PPC Advertishing Agency Bangalore

PPC stands for pay per click which refers to the process of advertising through the internet by driving direct traffic towards websites and advertisers pay to a web site owner on clicking any paid advertisement. It is the result of total amount spent to get more and more advertisements clicked divided by number of advertisements clicked. PPC and SEO go hand in hand to make your online marketing story a grand success. Paid promotions are important to tactics which we know provides instant tangible value, and in the process also enhances the work of SEO.

What do you mean by paid promotions? Paid promotions include paid searches, displayed paid ads on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, re-marketing, sponsored stories and images, etc. Paid promotions offers a lot to the online marketing process and is a reliable way to test things as to how much they are worth putting resources and effort into, and also adds an impact punch to the process of search made for a website.

Websites which utilizes PPC advertisements displays an advertisement when any match is found to a keyword query for searching an advertiser's list of keywords. Such advertisements are known as sponsored ads or sponsored links and appear exactly adjacent to, beneath, or above organic search results on the results page of the search engine results pages. PPC along with CPO (cost per order) is used to assess profitability and cost effectiveness of online marketing.

Clicks are a quantitative way to measure interest. Bangalore web design company offers the two primary models for advertisers to measure potential value of any click:

Flat-rate PPC: In this model, a fixed amount per click is agreed between publisher and advertiser. It is used mainly for shopping comparison engines that publish rate cards.

Bid-based PPC: In this model, ad spots are bid between interested advertisers through the process of auction in an automated process. It is primarily used for businesses which are interested in brand building and lead generation.

Web designers Bangalore expertise in merging PPC and SEO service to help your website reach new heights thereby making your company reach pinnacle of success.